12-Year-Old Redecorates Her Family Home For $125

Due to the current situation in most countries around the world, many people have been cooped up at home with nothing to do for the last few months. For some people, this is pretty much the worst thing ever. However, for some others, it is the perfect time to let their creativity thrive, which is exactly the case when it comes to this inspiring story. Apparently, a 12-year-old girl Susie from the UK redecorated her entire family home during the lockdown period, for a mere $125. Like many kids (and let’s be real, a lot of adults too), Susie had nothing to do during the lockdown period, so her DIY-expert mother stepped in and asked her to help around the house. But once the girl got started, she couldn’t stop. Pretty soon, she found herself fixing up more and more things until eventually, she was revamping the whole house.

Getty Images/Andreas Krumwiede/EyeEm

“During the lockdown, she was complaining of being bored whilst I was trying to catch up on some home renovations and updates,” Susie’s mom said of her daughter in an interview with Bored Panda. “To ‘teach her a lesson’, I asked her to measure up a wall for me that I was going to panel. I then showed her how to use the workbench and a handsaw and before I knew it, she had completed the paneling in my office alone.” Pretty soon, she had made her way around the rest of the house, while mom supervised. At this point, it was clear to little Susie’s mom that the student had become the master. “She’s very precise whereas one might call my style ‘slap-dash’,” added Levache. “So what turned out to be a lesson in parental expertise backfired when she showed how good and how capable she could be.”