13+ Coworkers That Would Make Anyone Love Going To Work

When it comes to our coworkers, they can either make or break our day. Hopefully, you’re lucky enough to have amazing colleagues who are fun-loving and who can give you a well-needed laugh during your workweek. Sometimes, we just need a pick-me-up. We’ve compiled a list of the wittiest and most creative coworkers who are sure to make you laugh. Scroll down and see which co-worker you wish you had on your team.


the most creative way to sprinkle salt on the roads

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you know who salt bae is. He took the Internet by storm with his unique way of salting meat. These snow plowers decided to get creative and shake up their everyday routine by slapping a picture of salt bae on their truck. Plus it gives the car behind them a good laugh.


Charlene works at Walmart and poses with its products for the store’s Local Facebook page

Charlene better have won employee of the month. It’s hard not to fall in love with her. Her dedication is truly inspiring and we’re sure her co-workers can’t get enough of her. If we walked intCo work every morning knowing Charlene would be there, we know we’d be having a fantastic day.


This chemist worker wished the thief well in the funniest way he knew how

We absolutely love this sign. It can really go either way. It’s either very supportive, or it’s a sarcastic shout-out, but only the pharmacist will know. It’s not great that someone stole anti-depressants from the store, that’s for sure. However, it did produce this hilarious sign, and hopefully, the thief won’t come back.


“I think Herman is better than 90% of my web developers”

We’d say this is a very hands-on web developer, probably the best of its kind. Sometimes, these are the kinds of jokes that can get you through a long day of work. This spider even has its own nameplate, and you’ve got to be pretty creative to come up with something like that. We love whoever did this.