3 Amazing Facts About Life

Things happen all the time that shake us up, and sometimes it just takes a little perspective to see the bigger picture. There’s something quite humbling about learning just how vast the world is, how amazing our bodies are or even the sheer quantity of stars in the universe. Here are some incredible facts about life that’ll help you to be mindful.

We often get distracted by modern life, and take the simple things for granted, such as color. We can see it, and when we place our awareness on it, then we can experience its beauty. This awareness is our consciousness, and while still a mystery, without it, we wouldn’t really experience anything. Truly experiencing our senses can be a great help in grounding and bringing us back into the moment.

Getty Images/ DigitalVision / Jose Luis Pelaez Inc

No matter how intelligent you are, your brain generates around 10 to 23 watts of power, which is enough to power a light bulb. This amazing organ can even produce up to 30 or 35 watts upon awakening. Information is processed as fast as 268 miles per hour, that is 120 meters per second. So even when we do slip up, in the amount of time it’ll take us to feel embarrassed, the brain can decode the mistake and learn a lesson from it in order to prevent it from happening again.

We often say ‘life is short’ as a way to encourage ourselves or each other to do something we wouldn’t normally do. It comes from the idea that as we get older, life begins to feel like it’s slipping away. In the average lifetime (around 70-80 years), the human heart beats approximately 2.21 billion times. So rather than looking at how much of life is already, why not approach it with how many heartbeats you have left. 1 billion heartbeats is a huge number, just imagine all the things you can achieve in that time!