3 Cool Facts About Iceland

There is so much we don’t know about Iceland. This sparsely populated island country is home to 356 thousand people in an area of 40,000 sq mi, and is also home to approximately 130 volcanoes – about 30 of them active and the rest inactive. There is definitely a lot to learn about this fascinating country, especially when it comes to its fauna, flora and culture. Here are our favorite facts about Iceland.

Iceland’s only native mammal is the Arctic fox.

Getty Images / Photographer’s Choice RF / Tom Walker

When humans first arrived in Iceland, the only mammal on the land was the Arctic fox. According to historians, these animals came to the country at the end of the ice age walking over the frozen sea. Nowadays, there are about 8 thousand Arctic foxes living on the island along with other animals that descended from the ones imported by the Europeans. Arctic foxes share their land with Icelandic sheep, goats, Icelandic horses, Icelandic sheepdogs, minks, reindeer, and many other animals.