4 Golden Retrievers Who Are Such Good Boys

Whether you’re a dog lover or not (though we’re going to go on a limb and assume you are), these sweet blonde pooches are a good argument for why every home should have its own good boy.


I’m not Crying, You’re Crying



This has got to be the most wholesome story we’ve heard all week. We only wish there were some of these noble canines around when our childhood selves had to go in for the shots…


Baby’s Best Friend



If this isn’t proof that every child deserves to grow up around these furry friends, we don’t know what is. Rather than being jealous of the cute new guy in the house, this golden retriever does all it can to welcome him to the crib.



Designated Doggy


Ok, if we haven’t convinced you yet, this sweet clip should have you racing to your local pound for a good boy of your own, and not just for Sunday morning hangovers. Though we’re sure he’d even hold your hair back for you if only he had a pair of thumbs.


Through Thick and Thin


In good times and in bad times, golden retrievers are friends for life. They’re always there to give you a pat on the back when you’re having an off day. And clearly, they’re happy to comfort their fellow four-legged friends as well.