Around The World In 7 Pancakes

Countries from across the globe have their own unique spin on this breakfast staple. Our only question is, when can we try all of them?! 

All look equally as delicious, and can be made from any kitchen, no matter the location.  No traveling needed! 

North America

Pancakes in the US and Canada are probably the most standard, made with flour, sugar, butter, eggs and milk. The one’s we all know and love. Fluffy, sweet, easy to make, simple (unless we decide to load up on maple syrup and toppings) and overall delicious.


France of course uses a whole lot of butter in their pancake variety, because, France.  They also make them a lot thinner than the traditional version and are known are crepes. They are commonly filled with Nutella, a chocolate hazelnut spread as well as strawberries and banana.

South India

The pancakes of South India are known as Uttapam. These unique pancake like babies are made from semolina flour and are filled with vegetables. They can probably be considered healthy then!


Dutch pancakes have a lot more eggs, more butter and are therefore the richest, most indulgent pancakes of all. They are often covered in powered sugar for some extra sweetness.


Chinese pancakes are unique in that they consist of water and scallions and the most amount of work. The dough needs to be rolled out several times until they are ready for the fry pan, and they also need to be covered for 45 minutes.  They learn their patience from the Buddha.


Pancakes from Venezuela are made in the blender and require corn and cornstarch.  Once cooked they are then topped with melted cheese and tomato sauce. Living la vida loca.


Japanese pancakes are quite simple, usually made from pancake mix and egg whites. However since everything in Japan is completely perfect, they use ring molds to make the pancakes come out as little cakes.

Watch the video below and add some new styles to your morning pancake routine!