8 Ways To Be Your Happiest Self

7. Manage your time around the things you love.

The people and things that fill our lives with love and happiness are the most valuable assets we have. And, we’re racing against a clock with a very specific end time. Make time for the people and things that you love, now. You will be a happier person for it, regardless of the other things you may have to spend less time on in the short term.

8. Remember that you are amazing.

You are the only person in the world like you. No one else is able to control your decisions, your life, or your happiness. You are the captain, and you are in complete control of your destiny. The only way others can take this power away from you is if you give it away. Some soul searching and self exploration activities such as meditation, exercise, and creative outlets are great mediums for expressing yourself in new and vulnerable ways. Whatever you’re most awesome at, go out and be it!