8 Ways To Be Your Happiest Self


We all desire to live happier, richer, more fulfilling lives. But, is there really a secret to achieving true happiness? Can one ever be completely at peace while the rest of the world continues on around them? The answer is yes, but it comes with some rules and exceptions.


1. Envision your best life.

Whatever you hope to achieve in life, you won’t get anywhere unless you can actually picture yourself living out your biggest dreams. This process starts with finding the courage to set goals for yourself, and following through with a sense of belief, passion, and fulfillment. Envision what you want, and the rest will fall into place.


2. Perfection doesn’t exist.

Get this thought out of your mind. Once you stop competing with others and competing with yourself, you’ll realize that anything is possible when you cease to believe in “perfection”. Everyone has flaws, everyone has things they’d like to change, but these are the things that define us and make us our perfect selves, not the opposite. When you fall in love with yourself, the rest of the world will follow suit.



3. Trust your feelings.

Following your heart and trusting your gut are great ways to be more in touch with your emotions, and more in touch with your own happiness. When you have a tough decision to make, go with the answer that feels right. It make take some time and some quiet relaxation to become in tune with what your subconscious is telling you, but in time this will become routine, and your heart will thank you for it in the most wonderful ways.


4. Discover your passion(s).

Take a minute and think about a time when you were really happy. It was most likely a feeling that came during a time of great purpose and passion. Start keeping track of the things that make you most happy, even the little things, because in the end these will become the things that define you. So, surround yourself with the things that you are passionate about and provide you with a sense of purpose, and your inner happiness will shine through.


5. Fill your life with happy people.

Negative energy is so much more contagious and toxic than positive energy. While it may not be an easy decision to completely remove every source of negative energy in your life, you can certainly make steps to manage who you spend your time with, and how. Maybe that friend who can only see the bad in things needs someone like you to help show them the good. By surrounding yourself with other happy people, the good energy will also overflow into your own daily life.


6. Blame less and accept more.

When we are unhappy, it’s easy to place blame onto someone or something else. If you don’t stop and realize the things you could do differently next time to make yourself happier in the situation instead of fixating on what could have been different within the situation, you will live in constant replay of unhappiness. Accepting responsibility for your own feelings is not easy, but the reward is so worth it.



7. Manage your time around the things you love.

The people and things that fill our lives with love and happiness are the most valuable assets we have. And, we’re racing against a clock with a very specific end time. Make time for the people and things that you love, now. You will be a happier person for it, regardless of the other things you may have to spend less time on in the short term.


8. Remember that you are amazing.

You are the only person in the world like you. No one else is able to control your decisions, your life, or your happiness. You are the captain, and you are in complete control of your destiny. The only way others can take this power away from you is if you give it away. Some soul searching and self exploration activities such as meditation, exercise, and creative outlets are great mediums for expressing yourself in new and vulnerable ways. Whatever you’re most awesome at, go out and be it!