800 Miles To Congratulate All Of The Graduates

The class of 2020 has been unfortunately let down this year, unable to have their graduation ceremonies and proms.  It’s been truly upsetting for students across the globe who looked forward to these special celebrations all throughout their years of studies and hard work. Teachers as well were also disappointed that they weren’t able to watch their students graduate with pride in their accomplishments. However, one very sweet and thoughtful Texas principal, Virdie Montgomery decided that something needed to be done to properly say congratulations to his graduating class of 2020. 

And that’s exactly why sixty-six-year-old Virdie decided to congratulate each of his 612 graduates in person, no matter what it took.  Those that are familiar with Virdie surely know that he’s most beloved for his lively school spirit and that he once even dressed up as an Elf on the Shelf in order to celebrate the holidays with his students in a unique way and really get them in the festive spirit. So driving out to properly congratulate his students despite everything should really come as no surprise. 

Together with his wife (who told him he was absolutely crazy), he got in his car and started his incredible journey of making his way to an entire 612 students. Virdie not only congratulated each student, but he did so with some classic bad dad jokes and a Snickers chocolate bar, representing the fact that one day they will all look back at this time period and snicker about it (does it get cuter than that?!).  It took the Montgomery’s an entire twelve days and 800 miles to reach all the 2020 graduates, but they don’t regret it for a second. His journey also surely brighten the moods of the bummed out students, and he hopes that eventually, they can still have a proper graduation ceremony for the class of 2020, even if it’s delayed.