9 Facts About Everyday Products

Every day we use a wide variety of items, completely unaware that we’re using them incorrectly. You’ll be surprised to find out just how many hidden things we ignore, that are actually there to make life easier. For example, that hole in your spaghetti spoon is there for you to measure the amount of spaghetti for one person, and to help you gently place it in the water. And the hole in the handle of your frying pan is there to balance your wooden spoon while you’re cooking.

Have you ever wondered why wine bottles have such long necks? As you may know, wine should be served at specific temperatures. The long neck provides a place to hold the bottles, without warming up the wine with our hands. The boxes that our Chinese takeout comes in are quite unique too. They were especially designed to be opened into a plate. So no need for the fancy plates, just open up your boxes, and you’re ready to eat.

Getty Images / Moment / Arman Zhenikeyev

Next to the camera on your smartphone, are other tiny circles, have you ever wondered what they are? This isn’t the way Facebook and other corporations spy on you, but rather, the tiny hole is another microphone, in addition to the one at the bottom. Ever noticed the extra hole on your sports shoes, that no one threads their laces through? It turns out that using this hole will help to tighten the shoe and protect the ankle. At the back of shirts, a few inches below the collar, there’s often a loop of fabric. This acts as a simple way to hang shirts on hooks and keep them wrinkle-free.

We all grew up with those erasers that were two different colors, often half red and half blue. This colorful design is more than just a fun feature. The blue side was in fact designed for artists who tend to use thinner paper than a regular notebook where a regular eraser could easily tear the paper. Golf balls aren’t exactly balls, they have little dips covering the whole thing. The purpose of these dimples is to help the ball travel further.