’90s Candy That Makes Us Nostalgic

There are many things we miss about our childhood. However, perhaps one of the things we miss most is the amazing candy we grew up on! From gushers to fruit roll-ups, there are just too many memorable ones to count. Here are a couple of our favorites ’90s candies that are totally taking us back to the good old days.


Remember trying to get to the center of a jawbreaker?



Getty Images/Lydia Whitmore/DigitalVision


Unless you grew up in the ’90s (or had kids who grew up in the ’90s), you probably won’t get this struggle. Trying to get to the center of a jawbreaker is pretty much the hardest thing for an 8-year-old to do, but we did it with pleasure anyway. Let’s just say this candy kept a lot of dentists in business.


Those toffees that stuck to the roof of our mouth.



Getty Images/Douglas Sacha/Moment


Oh god. Who can forget these? Toffees are still a beloved treat these days, but for some reason, these square wrapped toffee candies make us particularly nostalgic. Maybe they used to give them out at school, but who knows. All we can say is that scraping them from the roof of our mouth was a crucial part of our childhood.


Candy corn will never not make us nostalgic for trick or treating.


candy corn

Getty Images/Tamelyn Feinstein/Moment


It’s not so much that candy is was the tastiest candy of the bunch. But something about this colorful treat is just so comforting and familiar that many of us still enjoy the occasional binge today. After all, just because we’re mature and grown-up, that doesn’t mean our taste in junk food has to be.