’90s Celebs Whose Lives You Should Follow

Back in the good old days, we knew everything about our favorite stars, following their every move very closely. They were our first crushes, and we truly believed that if we followed closely enough we could maybe end up with them. Well, we’ve got great news for you. You will be overjoyed to hear that these 90s icons are still killing it on Instagram, and sharing exciting details of their lives to keep you in the loop and entertained.


You won’t be disappointed if you follow JT, and see what he’s been up to since his NSYNC days.



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The Full House star still looks great and has the same sense of humor.



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She’s still got it seriously going on, and never seems to age or even have a bad hair day.



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Twain’s Instagram account will surely make you jealous with all of her adorable puppies and beach life. She’s living it up.



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Follow Seth to find out what Dr. Evil’s son is up to lately.



This former pop star is now a mom and a serious workout-aholic.