93 Year Old Volunteer’s In Kenya

Regardless of your age, it’s never too early or too late to make a difference in the world.  This incredibly inspiring 93 year old from Italy proves just this. Irma Dallarmellina embarked on a journey from her small Italian town to volunteer at an orphanage in Kenya.
Her very proud granddaughter, Elisa Coltro has made it her mission to share her grandmother’s story with the world.  Elisa reveals that her grandmother’s went through poverty and a whole lot of scarifies in her life.  At the young age of 26, she lost her husband in the war and was left widowed.  She also lost her 3 year old daughter the same year. The rest of her life was spent working hard to raise her other two children.
She has been a strong supporter of Father Remigio, a Paduan missionary who has devoted his life to helping children in Kenya.  It has been Irma’s dream for the past few years to travel to Kenya and meet Father Remigio himself.
Elisa has been updating everyone on social media as her grandmother helps children out in Kenya, shares her goodwill and makes new friends.