A Couple Moved To Thailand To Adopt 15 Dogs

Rasa and Mantas, a beautiful couple from Lithuania picked up and left to start over in Thailand’s Koh Kood island. Well, actually they left six years ago, thinking they were just coming as tourists for a short vacation but ended up staying after falling completely in love with the island and the life it offered them. It became clear to both Rasa and Mantas that it was just what they needed.  While they were traveling, they, unfortunately, had to part ways with their boxer, Aibo, back in Lithuania after he became very sick. 

After the heartbreaking loss of their ten-year-old boxer, they decided to stay on the island, test out the waters, and adopt a puppy to fill that empty place in their hearts.  And while throughout their travels, they saw no shortage of stray dogs running around, only once they moved to Koh Kood did they really understand the extent of how many dogs in need of a good home there are on the island. They also noticed that many of them were either hurt or sick. 

They started out by adopting a dog named Zuika, which means a baby rabbit in Lithuanian. Rasa and Mantas also returned back home for a short visit in order to bring Rudis, their other dog to the island with them, after deciding that Thailand was now going to be home. Today, the amazing couple has already adopted 15 local stray dogs from the island, and they all have their own stories, some are blind, some are paralyzed, and they are all very scared from their pasts.  Taking care of so many dogs, of course, comes with its inevitable challenges, and they were even at first kicked out of their home on the island since the landlord didn’t approve of so many dogs living there. They eventually found themselves a comfortable and safe home in a remote area of Koh Kood, and although things aren’t easy, Rasa and Mantas continue to do everything possible for their new family, devoting all of their time, love and energy to these dogs.