A Father Visits His Daughters Restaurant

There’s nothing quite like being a parent, especially when they are young because when they grow up, you’ll surely miss those days, to say the least. It’s a unique joy that can’t be compared to anything else and should be taken advantage of to the very fullest.  And that’s why Christopher Kyle, a father to one seriously cute 18 month old is surely doing just that. He’s the lucky father of Ava, who was kind enough to invite her father to her restaurant for a very special meal. 

According to Christopher, the service at Ava’s home-run restaurant could be improved. He took it to Instagram to share his ‘complaints’ about it, sharing both a photo of Ava in action as well as a review of the restaurant she’s been running. The adorable picture he posted included Ava in her play kitchen, serving him a gourmet meal as he sat at his miniature table in his miniature chair.  He shared in his hilarious and heartwarming post that when he asked his daughter why there are balloons on his chair since it’s not his birthday – he was told to mind his own business because those belong to mommy. First red flag.

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Christopher Kyle also revealed that he had to wait 45 minutes just to put his order with Ava, although he was the only customer in the restaurant.  And just when he thought she was making some progress towards serving him, she went off to watch some TV for 20 minutes, leaving him waiting, despite his hunger.  And while Christopher recognized that the service here surely needed some improvement, he couldn’t deny the fact that the chef is a total cutie, and that she deserves a second chance – and also wanted to support a growing black-run business.  The internet absolutely loves this father’s sense of humor as well as his epic parenting skills, sharing their support all over social media, with some even asking to make a reservation at Ava’s restaurant.