A Foodie With An Awesome Success Story

Many millennials believe that they’ve got what it takes to become an Instagram star and go viral, especially so in a Kardashian kind of world. However many of us don’t stop to think about what fame is like in a person’s daily life.
25 year old Jamie Milne, the talent behind the famous food Instagram account @Everything_Delish can attest to the fact that despite having our dream job, we all fantasize here and there about changing our career paths, and doing something completely different. Right?
Jamie has always been passionate about food, always looking for her next food adventure, whether it be exploring a new restaurant, cooking or talking and sharing her passion for it.  She considers herself a professional eater, rather than a professional cook or photographer.
Her food account was a side hobby while she was working as a teacher, and to her surprise, she gained an incredible following, especially once she started to show her face in the pictures.  Looking back, Jamie realizes that by allowing people to see that there’s a real person behind the account, it’s what helped bring her to fame. It made her more trustworthy and easier to connect to.
She also attributes her success due to the time she invested in researching food trends. After a mere few months, big companies began to reach out to her to feature their products on her Instagram account, where she realized that this could actually become her full time job.
Jamie saw a lot of judgments and disapproval from others in her decision to leave teaching, however once her family saw paychecks coming in they were very supportive.  Her hard work shows that it truly does pay off, and that if you have a dream, you should always follow it.
Jamie is a true lady boss with nearly 150 thousand followers today.

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