A Guide to Planning the Perfect Surprise Party

Surprise parties are not just fun, but they make the celebrant feel loved and appreciated if adequately pulled off. However, planning surprise parties can be challenging, with so many little details to bear in mind. Attention to minor details could differ between a good surprise and a great one. We’re here to help, though. Here are some ways to ensure you plan a killer surprise party.

No surprise party is complete without a theme, so pick a theme. For example, your theme could be from a movie or period. Either way, the theme sets the mood for the party. It’s always best to select a theme based on the honoree’s favorite films, novels, or television shows. On the other hand, a theme might be as simple as a color scheme incorporating a handful of their favorite colors. The theme or color palette will influence the venue, invitations, tableware, decorations, music, cuisine, and activities. But do your homework because you won’t be able to consult the party honoree!

Your next step is to pick a party location for the celebrant. Select a suitable venue where both the celebrant and the visitors would feel at ease. Throwing a surprise birthday party at home is also fun and thrilling. Still, it’s a little more difficult because the celebration must be kept a secret from the birthday boy or girl. However, pulling off an at-home surprise can be very satisfying.¬†Every surprise party needs close friends and relatives present, so decide on the guest list and send them out. Thanks to social media, you can now create groups with the guests and plan without the celebrant knowing. Now that you have a rough idea of who will be attending, it’s time to think about food and refreshments. Do this while keeping track of any allergies guests may have to ensure that everyone has a good time at the surprise party. Finally, finalize the guest list, reserve the venue, establish the dress code, and talk about gifts.