A Man Walked 11 Miles To Work Everyday For His Daughter

Do you know that feeling when you have to leave yourself over an hour to get to work on time? Did you perhaps go by train, bus, or a car? Either way, regardless of what your situation was, it probably does not compare to this impressive young man.  He would walk an entire 5.5 miles every single day to get to work on time, and then walk the exact same distance on his way back home. Oh, and for the record, he started his shift at 4am.
Trenton Lewis, a UPS worker has never even once arrived work for late, and never complains. He has also never discussed his personal struggles or why he has been walking to work, and waking up in the middle of the night to make it there.
What’s his motivation? His 14-month-only baby daughter.  There is no one else that can care for her, according to Trenton.  For over 6 months, Trenton walking to work was not known by his co-workers. Sometimes he would get a ride from other drivers on the way, but in most cases he had no choice but to walk the whole way.
Thankfully, his secret slipped out when two workers of UPS, Kenneth and Patricia Bryant found out about his struggle.  They were completely touched by his perseverance and dedication to his daughter.
Luckily, his secret became known. Spouses Kenneth and Patricia Bryant, who had worked at UPS for 40 years, were the first ones who found out about his difficulties. They shared his story with the rest of the company, and they all together decided to buy him a car.  Apparently even workers who had never met Trenton wanted to help.
They quickly managed to collect $2,000 towards a car for him. He was in complete disbelief when they gave him the keys.  The first thing he did was take his daughter for a drive, and says that he will never be able to forget the incredible kindness he was shown from his co-workers.

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