A Sudanese Model Has Inspired Us All

Nyakim Gatwech is a Sudanese stunning model with a very dark complexion. She moved to the U.S from a refugee camp in Africa, however she continued to experience problems even after her big move.

She was bullied due to her skin color and nearly gave up on her dream of becoming a model.  However, she managed to stay strong and learned to love herself, despite all of the negativity that exists in the modeling world.

She should surely serve as an inspiration to anyone who has ever doubted themselves.  Her glowing appearance has helped her to stand of from other’s when modeling. The incredible 24 year old already has 350k followers on Instagram and has worked with popular brands such as Aldo, Cosmopolitan, and Calvin Klein. Her journey to success however was no easy feat.

Her mother fled Sudan because of the war that was happening at the time. Her sister passed away and her brother was scarred from an attack. When they moved to America, she lived a more peaceful life, but things got worse for her emotionally.  Other kids in school would make fun of her for being too dark, and even referring to her as dirty.  She would cry herself to sleep every night and wanted to bleach her skin. Even her sister bleached hers.

Nyakim was about to do it too, but her sister convinced her against it saying that she would be bleaching her mind, not only her skin, and that she regrets what she had done.  Nyakim found it in herself to gain confidence and appreciate all of her beauty eventually.

Once she was already a well-known model, she was asked by an Uber driver if she would bleach her skin if she was given the money for it. She laughed at him and asked him why she should possibly do such a thing.

You go girl!