Accepting What You Can’t Change

Do you like having control over everything in life? If yes, then you will be pleased to know that you aren’t the only one. Many people find comfort in being in control. It is simply a part of human nature. However, because life can sometimes be so unpredictable, you can’t always be in control. Now don’t run off just yet. We understand why being or well feeling in control is so important to you. But what you may not realize is that there is also comfort in accepting what you can’t change and control. Don’t worry, everything happens in baby steps.

Getty Images / Moment / Elena Popova

Saying that you need to accept things that you can’t change isn’t as simple as it sounds. With that said, there are baby steps that you can take. The first step would be to create a list. More specifically you should create a pros and cons list. Yes, this may sound a bit silly but keep on reading. When we are faced with challenges that are out of our control we tend to allow it to take over everything in our lives. Here is where the pros and cons list comes in. Write down the pros and cons of overthinking this challenge.

Once you have everything down on paper, you will be able to better come up with a solution. Now the more you do this exercise, you will start to notice that sometimes the cons outweigh the pros. With this clearly written down, you will see that there truly is no reason for you to give the situation so much time and attention. You may not know this but making peace with things you can’t control is the beginning stage of accepting things that you can’t change. Now, this won’t be an easy process but you will get through it with practice.