Acrylics vs. Stick-On Nails

We saw several influencers and celebrities getting acrylic nails frequently but they wouldn’t last long as they used to break easily and the breaking of the acrylic nails was significantly painful as well. The process of getting acrylic nails is time-consuming as well. Over time, people have started switching to applying stick-on nails rather than acrylic nails. Acrylic nails are slowly going out of trend as they are costly as well. Acrylic nails are a combined paste of powder polymer and liquid monomer. Once the paste dries out, you can file your nails according to the desired shape and paint them. On the other hand, stick-on nails have an easier process of application; you need to apply glue to your existing nails and paste the fake nails onto them.

Acrylic nails entered the market a few years ago but only recently did they start trending after people had gotten bored of stick-on nails and gel nails. Gel nails are brushed onto your nails and you have to keep them under the UV light after each coat. However, gel nails aren’t durable and the nail color starts to wear off relatively quickly. On the other hand, stick-on nails went out of the market a few years ago as the nails would come off easily and people would just lose the nails. People moved to acrylic nails as they seemed durable. However, the drawbacks of having acrylic nails are that it’s a time-consuming process, it is a painful experience once the nail breaks off accidentally, and the chemicals negatively affect your nail.

People have gone back to stick-on nails as they are easy to apply and inexpensive as well. There are better quality glues in the market for stick-on nails so their durability is improved. Salons have started offering them now so you can get any design painted on them as you desire. You can get a wide variety of designs as well that are readily available for retail. However, the glue does negatively impact the nail but you can easily remove it as per your liking rather than booking an appointment at the salon to get them removed.