Adele’s Incredible Transformation

Although the beautiful and talented Adele seems to have been avoiding the spotlight lately and hasn’t really been too active on social media for 5 months already to be exact, our beloved Grammy winner recently celebrated her thirty-second birthday and decided to take it to Instagram to thank her fans dearly. But not only did Adele thank her fans for their very sweet and warm wishes on her special day, as well as take it as a chance to wish everyone the best right now during these tough times, but she also posted it together with a seriously striking picture that left us all completely shocked and speechless.  

The photo that she posted after her long break from social media included a picture of herself wearing a tight-fitted black dress, standing next to a floral hoop. She looked incredible, stunning as always, however, this time around, with a completely different figure that made her almost unrecognizable. Adele has clearly gone through one serious transformation and has totally nailed this weight loss journey of hers. In fact, rumor has it that she’s lost as much as 45kg, which is equivalent to 100 pounds! Her fans have been showing her so much love and support for her incredible work. 

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Some of the reactions from fans on social media include the fact that she not only looks great because of the weight loss but that she also just looks overall much happier than she was before.  Many celebrities, unfortunately, experience a lot of scrutinies online about their appearance, but for Adele, she was really shown nothing but love for her pure beauty that has always existed regardless of her weight. Her fans have really made it clear that what’s more important to them is her happiness.