Adorable Babies Eating Cake

We all may not be able to agree on everything. But two things everyone on this planet can agree on? Babies and cake are the cutest things. Ever. Period. End of the conversation. To make your day just a little bit brighter, here are some photos of babies trying to eat cake (keyword: trying).


Raise Your Hand If You Like Chocolate



We’d like to make an amendment to our earlier statement. There are 3 things everyone can agree on: chocolate is the best thing ever.


Sweet Sweet Victory



This baby looks like he’s trying to say, “Yes, victory is mine!” What victory you might ask? That he made the biggest mess in the history of baby-kind.


Am I Doing This Right?



Cuteness overload! This baby has the most innocent face like he’s saying, “Hey, I’m sorry I made a mess. I’m adorable.”


Cake Face



We can’t handle the cuteness! The little baby was enjoying some vanilla cake with impressively purple frosting when she accidentally missed her mouth!