Adorable DIY Ideas for Last-Minute Gift-Giving

Whether you’re short on time or money to get your loved ones a good gift before the holiday season begins, these DIY craft ideas are sure to get you back on track. Not only will these handmade gifts give a more meaningful and personal touch, but it might also be relaxing and fun to get your creative juices flowing for once. Even the simplest of gifts, like a memory board using polaroids, a charm necklace, or even envelopes with letters inside, can leave a lasting impression and show the sincerity of your love and care for them.

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One way to utilize old mason jars or salt shakers is by filling them up with salt and adding tiny trees or benches to make it look like a winter wonderland display—the perfect decoration for when Christmas is around the corner. Secondly, to make a sugar scrub, you’ll need a cup of cane sugar and 3/4 cups of coconut oil. You could experiment by mixing in additional ingredients like vanilla extract, rose water, orange-blossom water, cinnamon, nutmeg, or any freeze-dried fruit of your choice. Similarly, you could make coffee mixers by scooping chocolate onto spoons and topping them with peppermint, espresso powder, coconut, or peanut butter chips, for your friend to mix into their coffees.

Another adorable gift idea is pom pom bookmarks, for which you’ll need yarn and scissors. Firstly, cut a 10-inch and a 15-inch string and set it aside. Next, take one end of the yarn ball and start wrapping it around your fingers a total of 80 to 90 times before cutting the yarn and removing it from your fingers. Lay this on top of the 10-inch piece of yarn and halve it by tying a knot down its middle. Now use the 15-inch piece to tie another knot around the 10-inch string. Finally, cut the loops you formed previously by wrapping the yarn around your fingers.