Air Conditioned Pup Houses

Summer can be pretty rough on us, especially when we experience a heatwaves. But for dogs? They have it even worse. They can’t just take off their fur coats and other layers like we can.
So if you want to do something good for your pup this summer, air conditioned dog houses are a new thing, and you should probably reserve one as soon as possible.
Not everyone is Kylie Jenner, who has the option of providing a custom air conditioned dog mansion for her precious pouch. But this does not mean that yours should suffer.  That’s why DogSpot, a women owned startup, has introduced air conditioned dog house outside of popular restaurants and shops.
It costs 30 cents a minute for your pup to get some cold air, and each house uses sanitation procedures in between uses. Since your dog is not so welcome in most air-conditioned establishments where we often seek refuge, these dog houses have been strategically positioned to make sure your pup gets the treatment they deserve.