Albino Animals That Are As Cool As They Are Cute

Calling all animal lovers! There are so many amazing creatures in the world that it’s pretty much impossible to see them all in one lifetime. Luckily, we can see quite a few of them, thanks to the invention of the internet! Here are some times people spotted weirdly wonderful albino animals and just had to share with the rest of us.


In case you were ever wondering what an albino ladybug looks like.



Just in case anyone’s been lying awake at night wondering what an albino ladybug looks like, we’re here to help! Because apparently, it’s exactly what we imagined it would look like. Actually, we had no idea albino ladybugs even existed, but this person proved us wrong with their rare find.


Meet my albino raccoon.



On the list of things we thought we’d never see, this albino raccoon is probably at the top. It honestly looks nothing like a normal raccoon, which proves that life is truly all about perspective.


There’s a rare baby pink albino baby elephant at this national park in South Africa.



Visiting zoos and national parks is always fun because we get to see the rarest and most interesting creatures in the world. However, as cool as all the different species are, we’re pretty sure that this unusual baby elephant is the star of the show and gets plenty of special attention.


Meet Angel, an albino dolphin who feels no different than anyone else.



Part of being human is wanting to fit in with everyone else. That’s just the way we are. So when something is different about us, it can be especially hard, since we don’t like calling attention to our weird quirks. However, this albino dolphin named Angel is teaching us the lesson of never feeling bad for being different! Captured in a Taiji dolphin drive, she is currently living at theĀ  Taiji whaling museum.


This zebra looks only half baked…



Hmm. To be honest, it kind of looks like this zebra was in the process of being made, when suddenly the zebra factory had a glitch in their machines, and this is the result. We’ve seen albino animals and animals with unique stripes, but this rare zebra checks off both of those boxes.