American Cookies

American cookies, in particular, have been around for decades and come in all shapes and sizes you might not expect. An abundance of delicious, exquisite cookies that are worth indulging in and have the perfect balance between sweet and crunchy. Whether it is for a special occasion or because you want something sugary with your cup of coffee to start your day on the right foot, here are some delicious American-style cookies worth trying out. There are many stories about the origin of the chocolate chip cookie, but baker Ruth Wakefield takes the cookie crown. She invented the recipe in Massachusetts in 1939 as a side dish for ice cream. Today it is enjoyed as a delicious snack or on its own. Some people like their chocolate chip cookies soft and chewy, while others are hard and crunchy, but throw in those delicious chocolate chunks, and you have America’s favorite dessert.

Sugar cookies are staples in America all year round, especially during holidays. Sugar cookies are so delicious you will not believe how easy they are to make. Flour, butter, eggs, vanilla, and sugar are the primary and almost only ingredients. This cookie has been around for a long time, originating in Pennsylvania in the 1700s. Although initially made by German Protestant settlers, sugar cookies have become an American baking classic.

Snickerdoodles are similar to sugar cookies, also presumed to be of German or Dutch origin, but have a unique flavor thanks to a specific spice. It also contains a Cream of Tartar, which gives it a unique taste and has excellent chewing ability, preventing sugar crystallization and crunching. It is fun to eat and talk about, but no one knows where the name came from. Peanut Butter Cookies were invented in the United States in the early 1900s when peanut butter became increasingly available. Their main ingredient makes these cookies dense and thick, which is responsible for their characteristic cross pattern. Pressing them with a fork before cooking helps them cook evenly and gives them a firm exterior and a soft, warm interior for the perfect bite.