An 11 Year Old Incredibly Talented Artist

Kareem Waris Olakilekan spends most of his time in a makeshift art studio in an impoverished area of Nigeria.

He stands before an easel, as he sketches a face from charcoal. His eyes stare back and forth from his canvas to a photograph while his magical hands recreate what he sees.

The finished product is realistic beyond belief and is completely breathtaking.  His picture depicts a boy with sweat dripping down his face, with his eye eyes closed as he digs into some food.

It’s the young artist’s favorite work of his and he calls it ‘Daily Bread’, saying that it represents his family, who work very hard for the food that they eat. The sweat represents the struggle and the spoon represents food.

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This is one of many of his realistic drawings that have gained him international attention, with some even referring to him as the ‘Da Vinci of Nigeria’