An Act of Kindness Every Day

When the pandemic started, 18-year-old Sebbie Hall was selflessly thinking about others. He was sad that some people weren’t able to contact their loved ones during the first lockdown due to a lack of sources, and he wanted to donate his iPad to a friend. Instead, his mother suggested helping others to buy what they need.

As someone with physical and learning difficulties, Sebbie decided to make it his mission to raise money for vulnerable and disabled children, to help prevent them from feeling lonely during these trying times. Beginning March 16, 2020, Sebbie’s initial mission was to raise £1000 ($1300) for charity, by doing 10 acts of kindness for 10 days, and he hasn’t looked back. Every day since the start of the pandemic, Sebbie has performed a random act of kindness. He has raised over $53,000 and helped more than 2000 people.

At the end of his first 10 days, Sebbie bought that friend a new device, but continued on his mission because he loves to make people smile. His acts of kindness have taken him to the streets, handing out teddy bears and flowers and even lotto tickets. He’s watered people’s plants, taken out the garbage and filled up bird feeders. He also got in the holiday spirit and was giving out Easter eggs as well.

Unused pumpkins were collected after Halloween, and he took them to the food bank where they could be cooked into delicious foods for the needy. At Christmas, Sebbie personally took donated toys to several houses with vulnerable children, and delivered them himself. And once again, he was out on the streets handing out reindeer food to families in the street.