Art Projects for Kids

Art activities can be enriching and enjoyable for kids, and they are a powerful forum for self-expression and the exploration of creativity that children should take part in. Working with children on art projects introduces them to basic artistic skills, allowing their imagination to come alive through new ways of perceiving the world. Not only does art nature their creative abilities, but it also encourages them to explore different materials, gain confidence in using tools, develop motor skills and practice differentiating colors and shapes. Here are some art projects for kids to do at home. With a few simple accessories, your child can easily recreate their silhouette. Take a photo of their head from the side, enlarge the picture and print it in black and white. Place the image on black paper and cut it around the head and shoulders. Make sure the scissors cut the black paper and the photo paper. Pin the silhouette to a fabric or pattern card, then frame it for display. This project helps kids develop fine motor skills to use scissors correctly.

Mosaic artwork is a great project that will look amazing on your child’s bedroom wall. Draw a rough outline of a simple landscape on a piece of cardboard. Your kids can tear colors from magazine pages or pieces of paper and then glue them to the card to complete the artwork. Consider laminating the final products, so the mosaic pieces do not come off. This project artwork assists in the development of counting, matching, sorting, assembling, and recognition.

Painted Salad Server is a fun art activity for kids and makes a great DIY gift. Buy a wooden or bamboo salad server, lightly sand the handles, rinse with water, and section the server’s bottom with tape. Decorate with acrylic paints in any pattern, or have your child dip their fingers in paint and make dots on the handles. Allow the paint to dry, remove the tape and cover the handles with a non-toxic sealant like shellac. This artwork project improves color learning and boosts the child’s self-esteem.