Artwork Filled With Gratitude

Children throughout America recently submitted their artwork in order to express their gratitude to all those frontline workers who seriously deserve a major thank you right now. These children submitted their pieces of work through a #CreateThanks campaign going around on social media, specifically on Twitter and Instagram.  Shutterfly chose the most inspiring works from over 450 colorful pieces made by children, and three very talented, yet lucky children were recently given a surprise they will surely never forget after seeing their artwork posted on a giant billboard in Times Square. 

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One of these children was Kelli-Rose Simpson Forde, an adorable seven year old girl from Long Island. Little Kelli was inspired by her grandfather, who is a New York City transit worker, also known as an essential worker who has been on the frontlines despite the lockdown, and as someone who has helped essential workers get to work too. Kelli wanted to show her incredible grandfather how much she (and everyone else too) appreciated his services right now, making sure that people can still get to where they need to be.. And to her surprise, her ‘thank you’ piece of work went from the front door of her home to a billboard for everyone to see in Times Square. Not too shabby at all Kelli. 

New York City may be in the starting stages of going back to routine and reopening, but nonetheless, many essential workers have been reliant on public since the start of the lockdown months ago, which is why Shutterfly decided to choose Port Authority and Grand Central Stations, two of NYC’s busiest commuter hot spots to display these heartfelt messages of gratitude made by creative children. We really couldn’t think of a better way to bring a smile to the faces of those traveling right now.  Kelli is only one of many who has graced NYC with her artwork filled with gratitude.