Australia’s Cutest Creatures

Australia is known for many things. Particularly, the warm-weather country is known for its incredible surf, its natural wonders, and its laidback culture. However, there is one more thing which makes travelling “Down Under” so popular: the region’s adorable animals. From friendly mammals to not so friendly sea creatures, Australia definitely has quite a range of creatures, and some of them are bound to surprise everyone with how cute they are.


Getty Images/Cesare Fel/EyeEm

Just look at that face. We have never seen anything more sweet and innocent. While Australia is more famous for its kangaroos, the country also features this very similar-looking animal called the wallaby. A lot smaller than kangaroos, the wallaby can only grow up to one meter, and they usually weigh around 20 kg. Kangaroos, on the other hand, can weigh up to 90 kg and can grow as tall as two meters.