Awesome Cases of Things Looking Like Other Things

Pareidolia, by definition, is the tendency for incorrect perception of something as a different object, pattern, or meaning. Some examples of this are seeing specific objects in the shape of clouds or seeing faces in inanimate objects. Here are some of the coolest pictures of objects that seem like other things.


Happy Tree Stump


Tree stump that looks like it has a smiley face

Getty Images / Moment / Melinda Podor

This tree stump looks so happy. Even knowing it is just a case of pareidolia, we can still see a perfect face stamped on it. There are eyes, a nose, a mouth, and even eyelashes. Even the shape of the tree looks like a human face shape. Nature is very impressive sometimes.


Frowning Sunflowers


Three sunflowers with a green background

Getty Images / EyeEm / Melanie Hobson


Sometimes, the cases are not so obvious but are still very evident. Here, these three sunflowers look a lot like a frowning face. If you can’t see it, this is what we mean: the top ones are clearly the eyes, while the bottom one is a mouth showing some sad emotions. Turn that frown upside down, sunflower!


Smiley Microscope


White microscope in a blue background

Getty Images / Science Photo Library / WLADIMIR BULGAR


How adorable is this microscope’s smile? Somehow, the two ocular lenses look exactly like two big, round eyes, and the condenser seems to look just like a smiling mouth. It must be so hard being a scientist and having to concentrate on research when you have a room full of cute smiley microscopes around you to distract you.


Angry Gloves


Two old leather gloves on black background with angry faces

Getty Images / Moment / Boris Zhitkov


These old black leather gloves look weirdly angry. How is it possible that objects that go on our hands can look exactly like faces? There are eyes, mouths, and even tongues!  In fact, these look so much like faces, that it’s even hard to see the rest of the gloves and remember what this object really is.