Babies Try Foods For The First Time

These adorable babies are saying goodbye to formula and hello to a whole bunch of new flavors and foods! Most of them have spent the last year or so eating pretty much the same things from day-to-day: mashed peas, mashed carrots, milk, formula, more mashed peas, and so on.

Well, they have just been introduced to exotic new foods like bacon, lemons, fried chicken, ice cream, and so much more. While these are not the *best* foods for babies to eat, they are more than okay for their little bodies to digest in small quantities and little bites.

While not all the cuties LOVED their first tastes, we have a feeling they’ll grow into these new and delicious foods! Personally, we can’t wait for the follow-up video where the babies venture into the world of pizza, french fries, birthday cake, and lollipops.