Beautiful Sunsets Around the World

Like everything in nature, each sunset has its own special beauty, and no two are the same. We had a hard time choosing our favorites, but these sunsets definitely made our top four. Each features gorgeous hues, a different phase of dusk, and a unique perspective of the world they set upon.


On Top Of The World



Getty Images/Artur Debat/Moment


Looking out upon a rock canyon in Petra, Egypt, this guy is both literally and figuratively on top of the world.


Violet Night Sky



Getty Images/Sean Morris/EyeEm


This unusual photo was snapped at the peak of the sunset’s beauty, with all of its colors aflame in the sky. Those lucky enough to be standing out on their front porches were definitely treated to a real show.


Urban Experience


city sunset

Getty Images/


We can’t get enough of these yellow and blue tones mixing together, setting upon the city horizon. Anyone driving down this road definitely stopped and noticed it too.