Beautiful Sunsets Around the World

Like everything in nature, each sunset has its own special beauty, and no two are the same. We had a hard time choosing our favorites, but these sunsets definitely made our top four. Each features gorgeous hues, a different phase of dusk, and a unique perspective of the world they set upon.


Watchers of the World



A fiery sun sets beneath the gaze of these majestic gods and goddesses, who appear to be watching over the world and making sure nature takes its course. We wish we could bear witness to it as well.


Sky High



This unusual perspective was snapped at the peak of the sunset’s beauty, with all of its colors aflame in the sky. Those lucky enough to be standing out on the balconies were definitely treated to a real show.


Desert Rose



The Desert is a magical place. This photo, in particular, captures the desolate and mysterious quality that makes it so alluring, with the rosy tones of the sun setting upon the sandy horizon.



Azure Fantasy



This stunning pastel-tinted paradise is the most beautiful thing we’ve seen all week. It reminds us of mermaids and cotton candy and all things #instaworthy. Take us there, please.