Beauty Filters: Pros and Cons

Beauty filters have transformed beauty standards to another extent. We all are so obsessed with the idea of clean skin with no beauty filters that it tends to get pretty toxic. The beauty and fashion industry has portrayed some unrealistic beauty standards. This article will discuss the impact of such beauty standards on the local community.

We have all been stuck in places where we prefer using a beauty filter. These beauty filters are used to brighten the skin tone, remove any unwanted hair and give a fake set of beauty standards. An example of a beauty filter is the TikTok face slim feature that allows you to slim your face and features. Filters have been one of the sole reasons to establish multiple insecurities in women. This is due to the overburdening of the idea that to fit in the beauty standard, you have to be a certain way. Moreover, the influx of the usage of filters made many believe that they were not apt for the set beauty standards. These filters have increased a feeling of dissatisfaction amongst people and raised the concern of body dysmorphia. This can be defined as the person is extremely obsessed with the idea of looking a perfect way.

Many people question if they should keep following filters and Snapchat trends. Following such trends is never the issue. You can always follow these trends as they may be a good way to feel a certain degree of happiness and contentment. However, it is important to realize the aim you are applying for. It should never be to achieve a certain degree of look but you should realize that filters are just artificially created filters and no one needs to fit in the fake degree of set standards. Moreover, you should not care what others think about you.