Become A Better Communicator With These Steps

Communication is an important life skill employed at work, home, and social communities throughout life. Whether written or spoken, communication is about conveying more than just words but passing information in a way that the intended parties easily digest. Effective communication involves using the right words, body language, and tones to transmit information. Unfortunately, some people struggle with this skill. So here are some ways to communicate your thoughts better.

Getty Images / DigitalVision / Luis Alvarez

First of all, know your audience. Knowing the receiving parties is vital in passing down or sharing information. For example, sharing a highly technical article about technology to beginners with only surface knowledge will result in severe miscommunication. Therefore, before talking or preparing documents, have an idea of the audience and tailor your message for their understanding. This concept applies in all areas, even in friendships and romantic relationships. For example, if your partner dislikes insulting words, you refrain from communicating to them in such terms.

It is also important to practice active listening. Listening to your audience makes it easier to identify their needs and what aspects of your information need clarity. This action helps you tailor a response that best serves their needs. Besides, body language helps communicate emotions when communicating. So, if you want to exude confidence for a presentation, be sure to take a definitive stance, and restrain from fidgeting as much as possible.