Being Spontaneous Makes Us Happy

While some of us are inevitably more spontaneous than others, according to a new study, the average American actually makes an impressive 6,709 spontaneous decisions annually. You surely couldn’t have expected that! The research examined 2,000 Americans and found that on average, they make 18 spontaneous decisions per day about mundane acts, such as taking a nap or purchasing a cup of coffee. But not only did this recent research uncover that we’re a lot more spontaneous than we believe ourselves to be, but also that doing so may very well be a significant contributing factor to happiness. 

The study found that people who considered themselves to be a spontaneous person were in fact 40% more likely to also consider themselves to be a happy person, as well as 38% more likely to feel satisfied and content with their lives. And even those who took part in the survey who did not consider themselves to be spontaneous still expressed feeling happy immediately following a spontaneous act.  On top of the happiness factor of being spontaneous, 59% of those that took part in the survey also revealed that they made a major spontaneous decision in their lives, such as a sudden career shift, booking a last-minute trip, moving away, or adopting a pet. 

Right now, with lockdowns and restrictions in place, 60% of Americans have described themselves as feeling cooped up, and in turn, are ready for an adventure more than ever before.  Most people who were questioned shared that the very first thing they look forward to doing once the lockdowns are lifted is to take part in an adventure, such as fishing, hiking, running, camping, sight-seeing, and much, much more! According to the findings of the study, many utilize the opportunity to make the most of spontaneous moments to provide them with happiness, and to do so, they often turn towards outdoor fun.  What spontaneous activity are you looking forward to once the lockdowns are lifted? Just kidding, that’s a trick question. The beauty of being spontaneous means doing what you feel like in the moment without planning anything out!