Best Cheap Eats in Paris

One of the biggest misconceptions about dining out in Paris is that you must spend a lot of money to dine well. While there are many places in Paris where you may spend a lot of money, the city is teeming with delicious, inexpensive meals, snacks, and pastries that truly feel like a treat. Seasonal ingredients, high-quality produce, and the same daily menus are all great fundamentals on which even traditional French cuisine is based. Americans frequently transform the word “Paris” into euro signs because fancy Pah-ree sounds like a ballers-only avenue.

Forget about nice dining; this is where everybody gathers for dinner during the week. The top place on the list is Bouillon Julien, which gets marks for being the only bouillon that lets you reserve a table and for having a stunning sea-green Art Nouveau décor. You’ll feel very posh when you sit behind the mirrored walls and flower-adorned glass panels. One of the city’s best-kept secrets, the community-run café Le Troisième brings the area together via food and a cross-cultural exchange of sensations. The daily-changing menu offers inexpensive meat and vegetarian dishes. It is advantageous to converse in French and meet some new local friends.

It’s likely that if you or someone you know studied abroad in Paris, they gave you advice like, “You must eat falafel,” especially at L’As du Fallafel. You’ll wait in anticipation of the falafel wrap filled with hummus, hot harissa, and eggplant at this Middle Eastern restaurant, where a line usually snakes out the door. Don’t arrive extremely hungry, even though they’re not wrong. There are differences among baguettes. Even though it is small, the sandwich store CheZaline, which is only open for lunch and throughout the week, is the most renowned. It simply serves baguettes in colorful containers, or you may get one to go wrapped in paper. Just high-quality ingredients are used, nothing fancy.