Best Man Plays A Hilarious Prank On Groom

A wedding is perhaps the most important day in any young couple’s lives. The experience is full of many memorable moments, from the bachelorette party to the traditional ceremony, to the bouquet toss. One moment that is particularly unforgettable is the couples “first look,” when the bride and groom see each other for the first time on that special day. This moment is always full of emotion for several reasons. First of all, the bride looks radiant in her dress and hair and makeup, and the groom in his tuxedo, Secondly, both the bride and groom have waited so long for this day to come, and that first look at each other signifies that it has finally arrived. So it makes sense that this moment is often accompanied by tears. However, sometimes it is also accompanied by laughter, as proven by this crazy story. Recently, one groom’s best man decided to give him a hilarious surprise one day before his wedding, and the result was perfect. The best man, Shayne, decided to surprise his buddy Nick by giving him a very interesting first look – at himself, in a $60 wedding dress. Nick was expecting to find his wife Melissa in her wedding gown. When he turned around and realized it was actually his friend Shayne standing there, he could barely contain his laughter.

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Of course, the couple also had their real first look on the day of their wedding, where Nick got to see Melissa in a dress she had been saving for two years. It was definitely an emotional moment for both of them. However, they were also thrilled with their best man’s hilarious surprise, which was the perfect lead-up to their actual first look. And judging by the above post which the bride shared on her Instagram, she was clearly in on the prank. This story just goes to show that a little laughter is always appreciated, especially the day before your best friend’s wedding. We’re sure both the bride and groom were grateful to have such a funny friend in their wedding party, and wouldn’t have done it any other way.