Best Parenting Tweets Of October

We all know that parenting is tough. Anyone who has raised a child knows that it’s no walk in the park. However, parenting also has a funny side that totally makes up for the hardships. Here are some tweets by parents whose kids said something so hilarious, that they just had to share it with the Twitter-verse.


When your child grows up too fast.



LOL. This story is amazing and perfectly sums up what happens when we leave our kids with their grandparents. They wind up coming home with totally new habits, like enjoying ’70s exercise programs and apparently, shrugging like your old Jewish dad.


Rebel without a cause.



Most of the time, parents want their kids to follow the rules and grow up to be good, obedient members of society. However, it seems like this dad is just a teeny bit proud of his rebellious son, who refuses to get with the program.


When you’ve seen it all.



When people are young, they’re we’re scared of lots of things. However, the moment we become parents, all those fears pretty much disappear, since we’ve kind of already seen it all. Amazingly, the one and only fear parents have is their children being quiet for 10 minutes – because that’s when we know there’s something wrong.