Best Types of Buttercream

Cake decorating seems all fun and games until you step in yourself. With cakes, you have to monitor literally everything; its temperature, the amount of sweetness, and even the strength and weakness of flavors. Cake decorating is a separate unit in culinary schools where frostings and the way to handle them have been taught from scratch. This article will give you a deep analysis of how to manage frosting in different kinds of weather.

It is important to note that frostings have been an important element of cake decorating and they are known to make or break the cake. Frostings are extremely important and thus we choose different frostings for different seasons. For example, during summer Italian Meringues are the best kinds of frosting as they are the most heat resistant. These frostings are made with egg whites. The whites are cooked with some icing sugar until a thick frothy consistency is reached. Then the batter is cooled by incorporating huge amounts of air. This allows the egg whites to completely cool down. After you can feel the egg whites have reached room temperature, add in bite-sized softened butter cubes. This will help to stabilize the egg whites and form a clear frosting that can be used for coloring.

Moreover, people prefer buttercream frosting during winter as it is one of the easiest buttercreams to do. You just need to incorporate air in the butter after beating it. This will help to increase the volume of butter. Add in your icing sugar until stiff peaks are observed. This is a little sweet buttercream, however, is really less time-consuming to make. You can also use a basic whipping cream with a blend of fresh fruits and extracts. Just whip your favorite whole-fat cream with some icing sugar and you are ready to frost your cake.