Birthday Cakes That Make Us Happy

Birthdays can sometimes be bittersweet! After all, not everyone likes turning a year older, even if that does involve getting lots of presents and attention from our loved ones. However, there is one thing we can all get on board with, and that is the gift of birthday cake. So here are some perfectly picturesque cakes that make us all want to count down till our birthdays.


Keeping It Minimalist


birthday cake

Getty Images/Betsie Van der Meer/DigitalVision


Oh, hello there. To be honest, we would do pretty much anything to smash our faces into this perfectly frosted birthday cake. We’re sure the baker put in a lot of time and effort, so we’re sorry to have to ruin it, but this cake is just too beautiful not to eat. We’ll make sure to take a picture of it first.


Pretty & Pastel



Getty Images/Joel Villanueva/Moment


Who says birthday cakes need to be boring? Definitely not the maker of this beautiful masterpiece. Many of us never thought of asking for a rainbow pastel birthday cake before, but that’s because we never even knew this type of cake existed. Clearly, this is every little kid’s dream birthday cake, and honestly, it’s probably every adult’s dream birthday cake too.


Say It With Chocolate



Getty Images/Susan Sheldon/EyeEm


It’s all good and well to switch things up every once in a while. However, sometimes, we should really just stick to the classics, and there is no better example than this stunning chocolate birthday cake. This is definitely a classic take on a timeworn tradition that proves we don’t need crazy colors or designs to make a delicious statement.