Boosting Creativity

Creativity is often defined as imagination plus skill. Imagine what we would do if we had a little more time to think about our ideas and then apply those skills to solve problems or make things happen. To get creative, we need to let go of thinking we know best and accept that others have different perspectives. Creative people take risks, explore new possibilities, and enjoy trying new ways to solve challenges. Here are a few ways to boost creativity.

Free association involves letting your mind wander while taking in external stimuli. Start by noticing details around you, and pay attention to words and images passing through your mind. Once you’ve seen something interesting, ask yourself two questions: What does that remind me of? How could I use it? Free association is a great way to stimulate your brain; the more you practice, the easier it becomes. Brainstorming is a powerful technique for generating new ideas. When brainstorming, you put yourself in a relaxed state, with no particular goal in mind. You might start by simply writing down anything that comes to mind, or you can begin with a specific question. Try to generate at least 20 items, even if they seem random.

Meditation is a way to focus your thoughts and bring them back again and again to a single point of focus, often done by closing your eyes and clearing your mind. If done correctly, meditation helps you achieve mental calmness, which can lead to creativity. Meditation should not feel forced but rather come naturally after sitting quietly for a few minutes each day. Inspiration is the spark that makes us want to create the things we love. Sometimes inspiration comes from a book, a song, a movie, or a painting. Other times it comes from within ourselves, we know what we want to create, and we have to make it happen.