Breakfast Across The Globe

As we’ve all been told growing up, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And not only is it the most important – but it’s also the most fun, colorful and dynamic meal. Here’s what breakfast looks like across the globe to give you some inspiration for your morning chow, and perhaps have you booking a flight for a more authentic experience. What are you having this morning?


French Breakfast



Breakfast in France tends to be more simple and more light than large Western breakfasts. In general, the French eat a chocolate filled or butter croissant (or two) and some fresh baguette with jam and butter (because what’s a meal in France without butter, right). A nice cappuccino on the side is of course always a must too for a proper French breakfast. See you there?


Mexican Breakfast



A proper and traditional Mexican breakfast unsurprisingly consists of tons of beans (mainly black beans) fresh avocado, a variety of cheeses, tomato, and onion salsa, and of course, everything tends to be wrapped in some form of a fresh tortilla. Eggs are also always the perfect way to complete any breakfast, no matter where in the world you are, including Mexico.  Who’s coming with us?


English Breakfast



A traditional English breakfast is probably the most standard one and commonly eaten across the globe. It’s known to always include fried eggs, baked white beans, cooked mushrooms, roasted tomatoes, fresh and crispy bacon, sausage, and slices white toast. Mmmm! While it’s surely not the healthiest of breakfast combinations, it’s definitely among the tastiest and most greasy out there. We’ll take two, please.


Australian Breakfast




While Australia has no shortage of super trendy restaurants and cafes that serve standard breakfast items popular across the globe such as eggs, avocado toast, and Instagrammable Acai bowls, it’s locals are best known to have Vegemite spread of toast for their daily breakfast. If you don’t know what Vegemite is, well, to be honest, you might be better off not knowing. But if you must know – it’s a thick, brown spread that has a very distinct taste that must be acquired.