Breakfast Ideas You’ll Crave

We have all struggled to get that perfect breakfast on a weekend morning. Breakfast in bed is a dream for so many of us, however, on a Sunday morning, we have all wanted to invest that extra effort for breakfast. This article will share the easiest yet most flavorful and aesthetic recipes that will just brighten your Sunday morning.

Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie bowls are one of the most effective ways to incorporate healthy nutrients into your diet. Grab your favorite fruit and pop them in a blender with some yogurt and milk. Try alternating sugar with honey for a more healthy touch. Blend them until a smooth paste is formed. Smoothie bowls look lovely with strawberries because of their color. Add chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, and flax seeds as toppings. You can also add dry nuts and sliced fresh nuts for a more classic and rich flavor.

Egg Shakshouka

Eggs are one of the staple diets in every breakfast. Egg shakshouka incorporates the south Asian flavor with eggs. Just three tomatoes and blend them to form a puree. Fry some garlic in oil and add in your pureed tomatoes. Cook well and then add your spices. After that break three eggs on top of the tomato mixture and cover it with a lid. Let the heat cook the eggs. Serve warm with some coriander on top.

Classic French Toast with Caramel and Crème Brulee

French toast is one of the elite breakfasts. Topped with caramel and served with crème brulee, french toast is the most indulgent breakfast one can have. Ensure you are using high-quality moist bread and the best choice for your bread will always be brioche. Cut two thick slices of brioche bread and soak them in the egg and milk mixture. Fry in butter and serve with some caramel sauce.