Care for Your Pet Rabbit

Pet rabbits are cute animals who have been domesticated for centuries. They may not look like pets, but they act like them, often getting around on their own and not being interested in anything besides food and water. As with any animal, keepers should understand how to properly care for their pet rabbits to ensure they stay safe and well-fed. So let’s get started.

Rabbits need a lot of attention and love, especially right after birth. Their first few weeks are incredibly vulnerable as they try to adjust to their surroundings and figure out what’s happening. In these times, please do everything you can to help them survive. Keep them away from drafts and cold temperatures, ensure they have plenty of fresh hay, and don’t leave them exposed to direct sunlight. If possible, put each rabbit in its cage or pen. You might even want to consider keeping them inside the house to protect them from wild creatures, predators, and harsh weather conditions. You’ll probably notice that your rabbit constantly eats throughout the day. As with all animals fed regularly, bunnies can easily overeat and gain weight if given the opportunity. To avoid this, limit the food your pet gets daily. Start feeding small amounts once or twice daily, gradually increasing the amount until you finally give your rabbit its regular meal. Do this for days.

Because rabbits are considered members of the rodent family, cleanliness is essential in caring for them. It would be best to trim their nails regularly and bathe them frequently. You’ll also want to wash down their cages daily. Next, use a sponge to scrub the bottom of the cage. Finally, dry your rabbits promptly after washing them. Bunnies can easily catch colds due to their tiny noses and ears, and wet fur can trap bacteria. Like other animals, rabbits need plenty of exercise to live happy lives. This also includes mental stimulation, so be sure to provide lots of toys and chew items for them to play with.