Cat Species That Will Change Your Perception About Cats

It might interest you that there are over five hundred million pet cats worldwide today. These beautiful creatures use staring as a non-verbal way of communicating and showing affection. They are very affectionate animals and very territorial. They don’t just make great companions, but some species are breathtakingly beautiful. Top of the list is the Siberian cat; it depicts elegance; with its long, lush coat and beautiful eyes, you would want to keep this beauty in your home, and it definitely will have the attention of your spouse or kids.

British shorthairs make the best companions. This specie is short-haired, studied, and exotic with its lush coat. The Abyssinian is one of the oldest breeds; they have large ears and cute eyes, and their distinctive feature makes them widely known. They are known for their distinct blue eyes. Talking on the Birman, this breed of cats has full soft coats accompanied by quiet meows and loves attention.

Toygers, just like the name insinuates, “toy tigers,” look like a toy breed of tigers. Their large dark eyes and beautiful coat will surely steal your heart. We have the Siamese cat, a breed of cats possessing shiny coats and striking eyes; their gray eyes, shiny coats, and beautiful lithe bodies will surely get your attention. Bengal cats share a look like mini leopards. With their leopard-like spots and slim appearance at first glance, you’ll think they belong to the wild.

Russian blue is a dark beauty; although they look more like gray than blue, their fur and loveable nature will leave you in awe. American curl cats are top of the cuties list because of their pinned-back ears and cute sweet, loveable faces that will capture your heart in one glance. Maine coons are the largest domestic cats and are dog-like, with distinctive whiskers and facial structures. Ragdolls are formidable and regal and come in larger sizes, and beautiful blue eyes. Catlovers often refer to them as man’s best friend.