Cats Floating On Water

Although cats aren’t exactly known to be the biggest fans of water, those at De Poezenboot (which translates directly to Cat Boat in English) seem to be seriously happy with their current situation. But what is their current situation? Well, believe it or not, these lucky little creatures live on a floating house. Doesn’t sound so bad, now does it? This cat boat is the world’s only floating cat sanctuary and is the home to nearly 50 cats, with 14 of them that have permanent residency on the boat. Can we join too, please? 

This cat boat was founded back in 1968 by Henriette van Weedle, a serious cat lover who was even known as the ‘cat lady’ back in her day.  She would take in every and any cat she found living on the streets, and eventually, naturally, couldn’t take them all into her home, which is exactly why she came up with the genius idea of making a cat boat. It was also especially helpful that her home was facing a canal, making her dream come true after buying a Dutch sailing boat and furnishing it to feline perfection. 

According to the official website of the cat boat, their cats somehow love to live on the water, especially since they never even have to wet their feet. Due to the current situation and lockdown, the cat boat has yet to open up to the public, but anyone who’s interested in adopting a furry friend can still call to schedule a meeting for the near future. But even while it’s closed off to the public right now, the cat boat still serves as an incredible place for stray cats that are seeking refuge, and in fact, is actually an official charity that is run by twenty-five loving volunteers. And while the whole idea of a cat boat may seem kind of comical and strange, these cats have been given another chance at a better life!