Cats In Small Shops Who Clearly Own The Place

Those of us with cats know that they are definitely the kings of the castle, and basically control every aspect of our lives. Whether we stay put on the couch or get up is entirely dependent on our cats’ mood and whether they feel like being cuddled at the moment are now. Well, apparently they don’t only do this in our houses, but they’ve expanded to shops as well. Here are some hilarious cats in small stores who pretty much look like they own the place.


You Break It, You Buy It



This cat’s expression makes it pretty clear that he means business and is definitely not messing around. We’re not sure if he was hired to stock the shelves or greet customers at the entrance, but apparently his favorite activity is just glaring at customers who linger too long.


Napping, Come Back Later



It’s pretty normal for workers to take a break in the middle of their shift. Usually, this means going for lunch with your colleagues. However, in the case of this fluffy feline, going on break just means naptime. He is literally sleeping on the job, but we doubt anyone is going to say anything to him.


We’re Closing In Five



Yikes. If we saw this cat’s face, we would probably finish what we were doing and hurry out of the shop. Clearly, this cat has had a long day and is totally over helping customers. He is ready for a nap and a fancy tuna dinner, and every minute we linger in the store, he gets more and more fed up with us.