Celebrities No One Realizes Use Stage Names Instead of Their Real Names

Ashton Kutcher, Reese Witherspoon, Nina Dobrev. These names look absolutely normal, right? What if we told you they were all created so these celebrities wouldn’t use their real names in Hollywood? There are numerous reasons why celebs might choose to use stage names: their management might think their real names aren’t catchy enough or they might prefer to go by their childhood nickname, for example. Here are some other celebrities you would have never guessed go by a fake name.

Emma Stone

Getty Images / Getty Images Entertainment / Dan MacMedan

Emma Stone’s real name is actually Emily Jean Stone. When she was a teenager, she tried to register with the Screen Actors Guild using her real name and found out there was already an actor going by “Emily Stone”. So she chose the name Emma because it was close enough to her real name that she would still easily respond to it on set.